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    My last programming contract was up last Friday. I'm in panic mode, as I usually am between contracts.

    I had a tech interview this morning. It was at 9:00 am, and when I go off contract I automatically fall into vampire sleep schedule, so this was slightly frightening.

    Before I set the Pre alarm for 8:00, I loaded up the web pages I knew I'd need for the range of questions they would ask. Alarm went off at 8, snoozed it till 8:30, and immediately started looking at the pages I'd loaded the night before.

    8:50, I put my headset on and started playing Rammstein to get me pumped up. Took notes in the memo pad app for key points I needed to remember.

    9:05 I get the call. We have a decent chat (buggers are morning people) until around 9:40. While I'm on the phone, I swipe memo pad back and look at my notes.

    9:45, interview is done, and I didn't seem like a sleep-deprived moron.

    4:00 pm, the recruiter calls and says they want me to meet with the CIO.

    Now, that's a handy phone.
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    Congrats...thanks for sharing a Pre-positive experience!

    EDIT: My reply to post stinks of cheese...sorry...
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    What kind of cheese? Also, it's the littlest things that make us happy
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    Quote Originally Posted by zealster View Post
    What kind of cheese? Also, it's the littlest things that make us happy
    What kind of cheese? yes...its the littlest things indeed that make us happy...(avoiding cheese question)
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    Cool! I wish I'd had my Pixi back when I was last "made redundant"! :-)
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    OK folks, the off-topic posts have been deleted. If you want to chat about device comparisons, we have other threads for that.

    Please stay on-topic and keep the Pre vs the world of competing phones in the other threads. Thanks!
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    Congrats... nice to know someone that multitasks as much as I do...

    Main reason i'm not with apple or google...


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