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    Hello my Pre bretheren

    Have I got a sweet deal for you

    I have recently downloaded the ZumoDrive app for cloud storage and after doing the 10 minute tutorial, have been given a link for referring new clients. This will give me more free storage, on top of the 2 Gb's that you are given( 1G free and a 2nd added after you complete the tutorial). I'm not sure at the moment how much per person that clicks on the link, but I'll keep you posted. I did see a similar thread with the DropBox app, and I almost got that one, but unfortunately to me being so poor I can't even afford to pay attention, had to go the Zumo route. I definately am appreciating all the free apps that have come out lately and Preware is definately the BOMB, once I get a little bit ahead I will definately contribute to some of those hard working devs out there, just not now(but soon hopefully )

    Here is the link:[url]

    Thanks in advance and feel free to post your own links

    ED: a little further reading into it and with referrals can get an extra 5 Gigs on top of the 2 for a total of 7.... almost double the storage capacity of the Pre stock, for nothing. I like it

    ED: Every person that hits the link increases your capacity by 256k.

    ED: I'm not sure why, I've asked the devs but haven't heard back from them yet. Pretty slow upload to the server, I'm averaging about 5-6 cd's per day, somewhere in the 5-10 KB/sec range. Its not a huge issue so long as eventually they get there, but just thought I'd add that detail.
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