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  • Palm Pre/Plus - Palm Pixi/Plus (Full Site)

    13 14.94%
  • Palm Pre/Plus - Palm Pixi/Plus (Mobile Site)

    18 20.69%
  • Computer

    56 64.37%
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  1. Delight33's Avatar
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    I use my PC 65% of the time and spend 35% on my Palm Pixi. I am sure when I upgrade to the Palm Pre that % will change.
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    Harder to moderate on the Pre
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    I had to power up my net book to vote in the poll. If it weren't for the mobile site and a great browser on the Pre, I wouldn't spend 10% of the time that I am here...
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    pre 99% of the time but i do wish ther were more options on the mobile site like subscribe to a thread so i can keep up with whats going on and the ability to thank a user,zooming in and paning across the page on the full site on my pre is a pain in the *** if u ask me (just my opinion)
  5. Delight33's Avatar
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    My Pixi screen is very small, but have been falling in love with the Pre screen. This is why I am going to upgrade. But I am waiting to see if the rumors are true about a new Pre in November, If it is then my PC will be obsolete.
    Loving my Palm Pixi everyday.
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    100% Pre, fullsite
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    I use my phone for all P|C. Thank goodness for Preware and Internz. I don't need my dead laptop.
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    I use the Precentral (Unofficial) app to read news and stream or download podcasts, and sometimes to look at new posts. It is available for download at this link:

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    I go to on my PC to do most of my new posts, and I use the full site on my Pre to do most of my replies.
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    Computer somewhat more often than the Pre, but if on the Pre it's always the mobile version...
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    About 50/50. This post I did from my Pre.
    Visor/Sprint Springboard Expansion Module > Visor Platinum > Tungsten E > Centro (work) > Palm Pre
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    phone by a billion
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    Palm Pre = 99% of the time.(Full Site)
    Computer = 1% when I'm bored.
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    exclusively pc, can see much better.
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    pre 100%
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