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    It's not my intention to repeat an existing thread, so if I have, I apologize.

    I needed to Doctor my Pre because the web-browser was experiencing issues with losing and saving bookmarks.

    I wanted to save all of the information from the device before running the Doctor, so attached it to my PC using the 'USB Drive' function, opened up the usb drive, copied all of the folders (including the hidden folders), and pasted them into a folder on my PC's harddrive.

    My question: is the PalmDatabase.db3 file located somewhere amidst all of these files, or have I lost that now that I've doctored the Pre?

    Follow-up question: if that file was saved using the process indicated above, how is it possible to extract that file from what I've saved to my PC?

    An easier solution *would* have been to install Internalz on the Pre ahead of time and then copied the .db3 file from the /var/luna/, but the Pre has already been Doctored. Thank you all for your help. Hopefully I do a little more research first next time...
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    I don't think you will find it because ifim not mistaken you can only see the media/internal folders and files from USB mode. I don't think showing hidden folders would help either as far as copying the file.
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    yeah...hmmm...well... I think I need to become a millionaire, and then I can just hire someone to manage all of my technology issues.

    I'm smart enough to screw things up, but not *nearly* smart enough to fix them.

    Maybe someday... (sigh)

    Regardless, thank you for the reply, Nicholas!
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    I blame Palm. I don't see why they don't back up texts on your Palm Profile. They manage the Memos but not texts...

    maybe once I get better at coding in java I'll try to make an app that will do this for you in the press of a button or two.

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