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    I have been having several problems over the past few months with my Pre and will be swapping it for another on Friday. Need some help folks. First, how do I ensure that the new phone will become a mirror image of my current one? I have a gmail account established and calendar and such are there but how about memos, aps, pictures and the like?? second question.. the Sprint store I am using is a third party store.. I heard that Sprint will have issues with that? True? i carry the insurance on my phone and they ordered it for me.. so is there a problem?

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    The backup that the device automatically takes captures a lot of your data. However, with the recent update, you have to check to make sure you're going from the same version to the same version OS, otherwise your apps may not transfer.

    That's really no big deal, as you just reinstall them.

    Other things that don't transfer include: your pictures and music (you can sync up the data or simply put the device in USB mode and take a copy of the disk before swapping), your account passwords (you will have to re-enter). Some apps, especially when versions change.

    I've heard some horror stories about reseller phones if you try to take it to Sprint directly. if you stick with the reseller, you should be fine.

    Joe Smith

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