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    The issue at hand is getting your phone to access all/most of the files on your home computer. Services like Dropbox, Google Docs, and Zumo charge quite a bit to remotely backup your files and allow you to access the backups from your phone. So, the most cost-effective solution (i.e., free) is to remotely access your home computer and all its files (without backing them up online). Software is available that makes your computer a file server so you can access all your files from a web browser.
    ....please expound...which software...
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    ....please expound...which software...
    Mentioned previously in the thread: Apache & Orb. I've seen others too, but they have web interfaces that don't work well with WebOS browser (i.e., HomePipe, Weezo, etc.). Google "free windows web server" or "free windows http server " turns up others too.
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