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    I found that in germany since some days, some apps (not all) are prized at somewhat lower levels then before.

    Especially, there are a lot of apps priced at 82 cents, 1.23eur or 1.64eur, 2.47eur, 4.12eur.

    Very explanation here.

    At first I thougt this would be a half prize event like in the US some weeks ago. But as said, this doesn't cover all apps. e.g. My webos apps from chofter is on regular 6,99eur.

    Any idea if this has a system or is it just random?
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    There's the answer:

    we've identified a bug in euro pricing. they're working on a fix, and finance is evaluating what apps are affected so we can adjust our payouts to what the correct amount should be.

    Chuq Von Rospach
    Palm Developer Community Manager
    btw. only affected updated or new apps, so that's why not all apps had these strange prices.

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