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    After the update to 1.4.5, my Sprint Palm Pre no longer has a ringer. I hit the volume rocker in any directions and it shows the ol' No Ringer icon (Bell with a blue slash through it). When music, or video is playing the rocker works fine. So no wakey on time for me lest someone can lemme know if there's a fix for this that doesn't involve doctoring.
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    Have you just tried, perhaps, running the EPR, in case some patches have been screwed up by the update? This happened to me and caused several issues with my phone, that could not be resolved, until I ran an EPR. Just make sure to update your saved packages list in Preware, first, then reinstall them all when it's done.

    Your other option is to try the WebOS repair utility. It can repair damaged files, but repairs are optional, you can have it just alert you to them, so that it doesn't make changes to other files that you have deliberately patched.

    But, why are you afraid to doctor? It's a great solution to probs that nothing else fixes.

    With your profile back-up, Save Restore, Preware saved packages and the Pre Back-Up Utility, you don't have to worry about losing much of anything, anymore.
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    I get not wanting to Doctor unless absolutely necessary.

    Any chance the mute switch is set to on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    I get not wanting to Doctor unless absolutely necessary.

    Any chance the mute switch is set to on?
    ....I'm a moron.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaykimdotnet View Post
    ....I'm a moron.
    I understand the first step is admitting it :-)
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    We have all been there. Glad it's fixed.
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    This is the best thread I've read all day! Not a lot of people would have admitted it but, yes: we've all been there!
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