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    I just had my Pre Plus on VZW replace because my GPS didn't work at all. I did the interactive tests in Device Info, on a clear sunny day and the phone said there was no GPS signal to be found. I even open VZ Navigator and enabled the GPS Fix app. After that, I dial ##GPS# and attempted to get a fix in the Phone App and again, NOTHING. So I had the device replaced, same exact thing on this new unit. It has a refurb date of 8/13/2010. Has anyone else notice this on refurbished VZW Pre Pluses?
    The phone only uses Google Services to get GPS fixes, which we all know is 1-2 miles off sometimes. Am I missing something needed to activate the GPS chip? Is Palm disabling the GPS completely when they refurb a Pre Plus?

    On a plus side note, it seems Palm is replacing the keyboard with the newer AT&T models because this new phone has a spectacular keyboard, no double type and no missing inputs, just perfect input every single button press!
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    ....keep complaining to verizon and palm...the gps "works" just doesn't work very well out of the box...most times a luna restart will get it going.
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    You are missing nothing. VZW has intentionally borked the GPS in the Pre + (or Palm did it for them). Very sad and very bad for Palm.
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    Yeah but I am not talking out the aGPS not working without VZ Nav. I am talking about a completely non-existent GPS. The VZ Nav app used to wake the GPS so Google Maps could get an accurate reading, now no matter what is done, the GPS doesn't work at all. It is sad, but I can live without it and utilize the Google Services for location services but I just was wondering what the wonderful webOS community was experiencing.
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    What is the VZW store telling you?
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    Make them send you one that works. BTW, I've noticed that my GPS isn't working very well these days, even when using VZ Navigator. I'm wondering if VZ is having problems in their network. One of these days I'm going to doctor for other reasons, and then I'll know if the problem is VZ or my phone. It was working flawlessly until about 30 days ago...

    Fortunately I had a Garmin with me.
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    They have no idea and they do no troubleshooting. I took it to the tech department at a VZW Store and showed him the results from my interactive test and all he did was order me a replacement. I am gonna call Palm and talk to them because VZW just keeps sending me replacements. Which isn't bad but if I continue to get the same problem, then it isn't a broken phone but a disabled service, I guess.

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