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    I have a 2 month old Pre Plus, "who's" speaker has become unacceptably quiet. It produces sound, but the ringer and alarm are not loud enough to be noticeable. Reviewing various threads I see that this is likely a hardware issue and need to bring it back for servicing or replacement. I have copied all of the files (and directory structure) to my PC hard drive. If the phone is replaced, can I simply copy all of those files and directory structure onto the new phone, or are there some files to avoid copying? It seems quicker and easier than using Backup to restore (and SaveRestore for the patches.) Thanks.
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    Nope, doesn't work that way. If it did then nobody would have gone to the trouble of developing a save/restore application.

    If you have preware installed and are patched then make sure your saved package list in Preware is accurate then use Save/Restore to back it up (as well as any other app data or configuration settings you will want to restore).

    You will lose your SMS history and Call history. They can be restored but can create trouble down the road and you may end up losing them anyway.

    All of your other directory structure in the USB portion of your drive is fine to just copy back over (music, ringtones, pictures, downloads etc.) to another device.

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you! Question: When you say "make sure your saved package list in Preware is accurate"....where does that list reside? Is in the Preware program (on the old phone)? In the SaveRestore program (ditto)? On a website? And how does that file or info get onto the new phone? Thanks again.

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