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    Hey alll,

    I'm obviously a noob on this forum as far as posting, but I've been reading on this board for awhile now. I've searched and cannot find a solution to my problem.

    Pre flashed to MetroPcs with everything working perfectly. Cannot send picture mail in texts (big deal). I can send texts to everyone and to every carrier.

    The only person I cannot send/receive texts from is my bestfriend. After my Pre was flashed I was able to send/receive from him, but I THINK around the time I started syncing my contacts is when I discovered this problem. The only thing I notice wrong is that when I go into contacts I can click on SMS-Bubble and nothing happens with him.
    But when I go into another contact and click on the SMS-Bubble it opens up a chat window for that contact.

    I think this is where the problem lies, but cannot resolve it.... I've deleted all of my contact accounts and that still did nothing. Let me know if there's a solution or any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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    I don't have my pc to search, but you should search for this exact problem. I recall there being several lengthy threads on this exact issue. I don't recall the solution, but if you find those threads you will see what worked for them. That will tell you if there is anoption before having to doctor.
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    this isn't the big one I was thinking of, but it will get you started:
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    Ok this is what you do...Its an issue with the phone that Palm has to fix. So do this to fix it.

    First, i copy the Palmdatabase.db3 from my Pre. Then I use sqlite3 client, to open the Palmdatabase.db3, delete all the SMS messages, and copy the Palmdatabase.db3 back to Pre. Restart Luna.

    Open a terminal (through novacom or webos quick install > linux cmdline) and type the following:-
    cp /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3 /media/internal/
    then put your pre into usb drive mode and copy this file to your PC if you want

    Later when you want to restore contacts/sms/email/log, do:
    Copy the file from your PC to Pre USB Drive and then type the following:
    cp /media/internal/PalmDatabase.db3 /var/luna/data/dbdata/

    When you are done deleting everything in the database. Send it back to the same directory using Webos QI terminal (or any other terminal and restart Luna)
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