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    Just "Upgraded" to a pixi... And I cannot find my games.. Do I need to rebuy them??
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    Did you log into your Pixi with the same profile as your last webOS phone?

    If so....they should download by themselves....if not you can download again from the catalog (for free).
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshiki2 View Post
    Just "Upgraded" to a pixi... And I cannot find my games.. Do I need to rebuy them??
    Upgraded from what? If you're using a pre, and then change to a pixi... when you log into your palm profile.. you should still have your apps and games.
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    It's asking me to repurchase need for speed...
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    what carrier and what games? Some games might not work on the Pixi until you get 1.4.5
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshiki2 View Post
    It's asking me to repurchase need for speed...
    Are you using the same profile? If so I would call Palm and chat with support about this issue.
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    Need for speed.... I did.. It is scalated to tier 3 now.. Same profile btw
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    If you try enough palm will refund you for the game.

    It's dumb and makes me wonder if I will have to rebuy for my higher-res future phone.

    For now games bought on one CAN'T be swapped between pre and pixi. Different screen res. = different download location = separate licenses.

    Palm fix this.

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    go to the Plam support site and open a support live chat session.

    btw, you still haven't told us what carrier, what version of webOS, and if you are using the same Palm profile on the new phone. All three are possible clues...
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    Base on your post, I would assume that you left from a pre to pixi. If so, then I don't think you'll be able to get back any PDK games, unless you repurchase them again. Why? If you've notice before update 1.4.5, the Pixi's wasn't capable of playing any PDK games at all, It seem like there is a problem transferring PDK games - from one device to another.(IMO)

    {Contact Hpalm about the issue, although I don't think there is anything they can do about it... Right now.}
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    Hope they fix this in 2.0 and definitely before palmpad etc. It's ridiculous that the purchase doesn't include both versions for your palm profile.

    Chat that was no help.

    I emailed the devs.. we'll see.
    [5:38 PM] Greg says: I understand that those games your purchased under App Catalog prompt you to buy them again. Am I right?
    [5:38 PM] Iain Searcy says: Yes.
    [5:39 PM] Greg says: Is this a replacement phone you got?
    [5:39 PM] Iain Searcy says: yes
    [5:39 PM] Greg says: Let me see what I can do to help you.
    [5:39 PM] Iain Searcy says: I had a pre before this
    [5:40 PM] Greg says: Under My Applications on your App Catalog, have you redownloaded those application?
    [5:40 PM] Iain Searcy says: I have redownloaded many, yes.
    [5:40 PM] Iain Searcy says: 3 games are all that's left
    [5:41 PM] Greg says: Can I have your mobile number please?
    [5:41 PM] Iain Searcy says: 770bleeeep
    [5:41 PM] Iain Searcy says: Assassins, need for speed and Angry birds
    [5:42 PM] Greg says: I'm checking your Palm Profile right now. Please stay on the line.
    [5:42 PM] Iain Searcy says: Ok thank you
    [5:43 PM] Greg says: I need to double check on this issue. Can I work on this for 3 minutes?
    [5:44 PM] Iain Searcy says: Sure.
    [5:48 PM] Greg says: Thank you for staying. Do you have more than one Palm Profile?
    [5:48 PM] Iain Searcy says: no
    [5:49 PM] Greg says: When you purchased these apps, did you received a receipt through email?
    [5:49 PM] Iain Searcy says: yes
    [5:49 PM] Iain Searcy says: I still have them
    [5:50 PM] Greg says: You need to contact the developer on this since this is a 3rd party application.
    [5:51 PM] Greg says: You can check the contact information on the receipt or email you received.
    [5:52 PM] Iain Searcy says: It sends me to palm-en support
    [5:53 PM] Greg says: Do you details of each developer on the receipt?
    [5:53 PM] Iain Searcy says: nope
    [5:54 PM] Iain Searcy says: just angry birds 1.99
    [5:54 PM] Greg says: I meant, Do you have the details of the developer on the receipt?

    [5:54 PM] Iain Searcy says: no I dont
    [5:56 PM] Greg says: For Angry Birds Please check this link. Rovio - Home
    [5:56 PM] Iain Searcy says: Why are they not redownloading though?
    [5:57 PM] Iain Searcy says: The sprint rep said apps transfer.. and most did
    [5:57 PM] Iain Searcy says: Just $20 worth didn't
    [5:57 PM] Greg says: Am not really sure about redownloading the paid apps since the 3rd party have their own policy.
    [5:57 PM] Iain Searcy says: I redownloaded other paid apps
    [5:58 PM] Iain Searcy says: ancient frog for example
    [5:58 PM] Greg says: For Need for Speed, please check this link.
    [5:59 PM] Iain Searcy says: I need higher tech support
    [5:59 PM] Greg says: For further support like complains on this apps, we refer customer to the developer since we can only support in downloading and purchasing of the apps.
    [6:00 PM] Greg says: For Assassins application please visit this link. Top Mobile Games, iPhone Games - Download Games for Mobile, iPhone, Android & More | Gameloft
    [6:04 PM] Greg says: I apologize for the inconvenience. Is there anythng else I can help you with?
    [6:04 PM] Iain Searcy says: Can I elevate this issue though chat or do I need to call
    [6:05 PM] Greg says: I would advised to check the link for the developer. Since this a 3rd party application. We can only support downloading and purchasing. Complains such as these are need to be refer to the developer.
    [6:06 PM] Greg says: Please have the receipt ready.That will be your reference. You will be provided steps or code for redownloading it for free.
    [6:06 PM] Iain Searcy says: I will do that. But sounds crazy to me. Did you check my profile?
    [6:06 PM] Iain Searcy says: See i did download them?
    [6:07 PM] Greg says: Yes. I saw them all and it's all paid.
    [6:07 PM] Iain Searcy says: ok thank you
    [6:07 PM] Greg says: Heres the reference number for our chat: Chat session ID number 680------. Keep this number as a record of this chat, and if you need to call our Voice Support team (877 426 3777) or contact us again for this same issue, please refer to this number for free support assistance.
    [6:07 PM] Greg says: Thank you for contacting Palm and feel free to contact us for further assistance. We rely on your suggestions and feedback to help us provide the best support. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey that youll receive via email. Have a great day!
    [6:07 PM] Iain Searcy says: ok thanks
    [6:08 PM] Greg has ended the session.

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    make sure with the new phone you update to 1.4.5 before you try to download your apps then they should show up as free in the catalog if you have already paid for them. well at least they do for me .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Ok so here is the problem. In the App catalog there is sometimes different versions of applications especially since Pixi could not handle pdk apps before updating to 1.4.5.

    With that being said let's take Application X for instance.

    Application X has an application ID of 1 this application is compatible for the Pre. The developer has since created a new application that is compatible for the Pixi. We are going to call this one Application Y with application ID of 2.

    Since there is now two applications in the app catalog with separate application ID's, the application does not restore back to your device.

    When logging into a Pixi it sees that you have Application X, App ID 1 downloaded on your phone when it goes to grab that application it realizes that it's not compatible with your OS and does not have anyway of knowing that Application Y, App ID 2 is the same application just the version that is for your phone.

    I can agree with you that this can be an issue and Palm is aware that this can and will potentially happen especially as we look to expand the app catalog, but right now this is the issue we are running into.

    What I would like to be able to do is take some numbers back to our engineering group this way I can say we have X number of people that are affected by this issue and because of this we need to come to some type of resolution.

    So with all that being said, I want to try to work with whoever is having this issue further, please send me a private message with your palm profile email address and what applications you are missing after moving from one device to another.
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