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    I have about 30-35 phone contacts I manually added to my phone when I got it. I do not pull contacts from Gmail or yahoo or facebook etc. I have checked my phone and it says it backs up every morning at 8:37am. When I sign into my Palm Profile on line should I be able to see my contacts that are backed up or just assume that they are. The only thing I see is my basic information and where I can click in my phone is lost or stolen. Is this correct? I know I should keep a written copy of my contacts (I have this) as I don't have that many. I have plugged my phone is as USB and made a copy of all the file folders on the phone onto my computer "just in case". Is this all I need to do?

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    That's all you will see on line... Unfortunately. What you need to do is go in preware, and there is a patch to send all your contacts to your Gmail account. So if, for any reason you lost, or erase any contact(s), they will be available in your account. It's easy sending back contacts to your profile.

    The name of the patch is called- Send all contacts via Email.

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    there is a patch that will attach all your contacts and email them to you. That's the best route for this until Palm gets around to creating a web interface to your profile...
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    There's no easy, Palm-supported way to view or export contacts from your Palm Profile. I always recommend that people use Google Contacts unless they have some other specific preference. It's easy, free and works very well IMHO ... and you can make a backup very simply by exporting your contacts. For only 35 contacts I'd just transfer them by hand.

    Otherwise, you might look at this thread ... it's the easiest way of exporting contacts from Palm Profile that I've seen:

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