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    Hello, Precentral!

    I'm interested in purchasing a Palm Pre. I am purchasing a Palm Pre without a contract on eBay for about $200. I am due for an upgrade, but I am quite skeptical if I am going to stay on Sprint. So for now, I am watching a Palm Pre that I could buy at any moment.

    I'm wondering if I'm making a worthwhile purchase. I read and viewed many reviews, and basically it seems like the software side of it is awesome, but the hardware... not so much. Which I'm mostly worried about. But I've read that newer makes of the device don't have the same problems as before.

    Before suggesting other devices, here's my reasoning behind choosing the Pre over some phones you guys might suggest.

    Blackberry Tour/Bold - I've had a Blackberry for four years, I'm quite sick of using Blackberry's, and I would like a phone with a bigger screen for web browsing.

    HTC EVO/Samsung Epic - 4G, I don't want it. I have to pay an extra $10, and it's hard enough for me to pay the data plans I need to pay already, and 3G speeds are more than enough for me. It's just not worth to renew another 2 year contract and pay $10 on top of that.

    HTC Hero - I absolutely need a hardware keyboard.

    I also cannot go on to other carriers as they're plans are much more expensive. So in a nutshell, I'm asking if the Palm Pre is a some what wise decision. I don't want any of the devices listed above or go with another carrier.

    Thank you ahead of time!

    P.S. - If I do decide to purchase the Pre, please let me know of some good basic tidbits about it

    P.P.S. - Few more questions:
    1. Is the YouTube player any good? I use it often on my iPod Touch, and it's a pretty important thing for me. Can you log on your YouTube account to post/view/rate on videos?

    2. Virtual keyboard included? yes/no?

    3. Is the app store's variety decent? I don't use a lot of apps, and I basically only have a weather, Facebook, and IM app I use (outside of the standard ones included), but it'd still be good to know. How's the quality of the apps?

    4. What are some things that I should be cautious about?

    5. Touchstone charger worth it?

    Again, thank you for your time. I know I'm a BIG newb... but please be patient. T__T
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    The decision to go to a Pre on Sprint is a good one considering your options but you may wish to wait a few weeks to see what Palm and HP will announce in new hardware. There is a lot of speculation that the successor to the pre will blow everything else out of the water. The wait will be worth it just for the WebOS operating system alone.

    1. The YouTube app works well in an area with a good signal.

    2. A virtual keyboard is not included but there are several virtual keyboard patches available (you don’t have to “jailbreak” your phone to load patches with WebOS).

    3. For the apps you use, the 3000+ apps in the app catalog should suffice. The quality of the apps is quite good and they are very intuitive in WebOS.

    4. Be aware that on Sprint you only have the Pre not the Pre Plus (The Pre Plus has more memory and a better build quality) - thus the wait for a new device.

    5. The Touchstones are awesome. I have two at home, one in my car and one on my desk at the office. The convenience of never having to plug and unplug your smartphone is incredible.

    Oh - and welcome to the Palm Community!
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    You can't log into your youtube account . But like not-yet-pre said I'll wait for new hardware the sprint pre is like 18 months old. If you need a new phone you could always try the pixi on ebay to see if you like webos and to see if it will be worth it.
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    A webOS phone on Sprint is a fantastic combination. Perhaps one of the best parings available today in the US cellular market. Really. It's the sweet spot for coverage, price and ability.

    That said, if you can hold of a month or two, then you might be able to get in on the next webOS hardware release or at least news of when that will be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    A webOS phone on Sprint is a fantastic combination. Perhaps one of the best parings available today in the US cellular market. Really. It's the sweet spot for coverage, price and ability.
    Yah, that's right. webOS phone on sprint is very nice and awesome. The price is so affordable and the quality is the best.

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