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    i went from a old flip phone that couldn't do... anything well. i had played with my mom's a few times before i got my pre, but other than that i had no idea about smart phones. i had no problems learning to use any of it. its all really easy with simple gestures, no annoying virtual keypad, etc. the great thing is that with the pre you are open to use it as complex or simply as you want. i only recently got into the more complex aspects like kernels, patches, etc.but until you want to tackle all that the standard stuff is really easy to use. id recommend this phone over any other out there
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    I have to say "Wow". What a great bunch of folks here! Im glad I found this site. And it appears that my concerns aren't really concerns. Sounds like a great first smartphone for me. Im off to purchase the Pre+ this week!! Thanks for the encouragement.

    I did play with it at the VZW store, and I found the keyboard a bit small, but I was able to adjust to it within a few minutes to a point it was unnoticable. Other that that, I was just a little intimidated by the whole "smartphone" idea.

    I tried the Droid and I was completely overwhelmed to a point I knew it was too much "smartness" for me. LOL

    You guys have sold me!! I will be posting questions as I learn.

    Many Kudos to all!

    Future Pre+ owner........
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    Not iphone easy.
    Webos and android both have learning curves. Try it first.

    You may get tired of the camera not always working and phone lagging up for no apparent reason.
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    You'll Love it! the learning curve isnt soo much in basic usage, that'll be a breeze! Its learning all the really awesome open source tools you can use to optimize your pre!!!
    let us know when you start and read the sections on "new to webos" that'll help you tap into the phones potential!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Check this out: Your problem isn't going to be learning webOS. Your problem is going to be unlearning webOS. The gesture area will ruin all other mobile devices for you :-)

    <<Thread Renamed>>
    yeah, what he said! after a couple of weeks, you will secretly be thinking that anyone and everyone with another phone is just a little bit of an ***** when they act like their robot or clone phone is the greatest thing ever. i'm being serious. they probably just don't know, so try not to be rude.
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    It's been fun watching my wife get addicted to the Pre. She "didn't need" and "didn't want" a smartphone, basically avoided reading the manual or doing the tutorials, had glazed over eyes when I tried to show her tips and tricks, and was generally a skeptic. She knew the basic gestures and thought she wouldn't need anything else.

    Two months later she loves it: has multiple cards open and flips through them, checks Facebook, e-mails, uses Sprint Nav, uses Yelp app to find restaurants, etc. She just bought a cover.

    I don't think she would give it up now.
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