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    Hey all, ok this is where i stand with my now 4th pre.....

    I honestly cant deal with it being cdma anymore, the area i live in, gets almost 0 reception, and i always have dropped calls, missed incoming calls etc...

    now the pre plus is a hspa device, and will work on bell now...

    problem is, we do not have the plus in Canada yet, or dont plan on getting it, so the ppl at bell tell me.

    So i figure i could buy any sim card pre off anyone here or anywhere else, and just have it unlocked, to use it with my carrier.

    So my question is, does anyone here know how to unlock the phone? Since this isnt a local phone, there isnt anyone to do it,

    any help would be great, as i want to keep using a pre!!

    Cheers all
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    found a great post you made,

    thnx guyfromnam.....

    now is anyone selling a pre plus lol
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    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    I might consider selling my unlocked AT&T pre plus because I didn't realize it doesn't work in 3G in most countries outside the USA. Oops.....really stupid of me. It's USA activated and fully unlocked.
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    did you find what you needed?
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    no i didnt.... and thats my concern, will an unlocked one work on data and such here in Canada??

    does anyone know? cause bigcatny, id consider buying yours if it will...

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