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    As the title says, I have a question.

    I have overclocked my Pre, and use Govnah to tell me the temperature on my device. I play a few games and my temperature will go to the mid to upper 40s (49 being the highest I've ever seen it go). I also am running the patch to that Jason created that gives the the degrees in C of my device by the battery bar, along with the temperature warning patch. Most of the time the temperature by the battery is 10 degrees lower than the temperature reading in Govnah. I've also never gotten the warning telling me that my device was on fire, even though Govnah says otherwise. It doesn't only do this when I'm running at 800Mhz, even when I'm using the Palm Default setting my device runs that high (on Govnah, it's usually a manageable 36-39 on the pull down menu).

    My question is simply this: Which temperature reading should I trust more: the Govnah reading, or the one by the battery percentage in the pull down menu?

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    I believe the menu is the more accurate version.
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    Govnah reads the actual CPU temperature, the other patch reads the battery temp, they are completely different readings on temps.

    If you are overclocked, you really only need Govnah and should trust its readings.
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