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    I may have backed myself into a corner inadvertently. Bottom line up front, I have a Pre with a busted screen that has been signed out of its Palm account, and am having a devil of a time trying to access the data because it always reboots into a screen asking if I want to erase the device or not.

    Here's the longer description: Pre 1 (bought on day 1) got the spiderweb cracking Thursday. Net result, complete touch screen failure. Brought it to a Sprint store since that's a covered flaw, but they refused to exchange on the grounds that the screen has another crack (the one from the charging port door that is so common but not common enough for Sprint and Palm to own up to it being a flaw). So I had to pay Asurion to ship a replacement, which arrived today.

    I activated Pre 2 on another line of service (replacing a 755p I haven't used in months, in case anyone is curious). Signed into my Palm account... and therein lies my error. Pre 1 was automatically logged out of the Palm account, and is now stuck on a screen letting me know that is the case, and asking do I want to just restart (and still be able to access data via USB) or to erase the device completely.

    That's a no-brainer, because I still have photos on the phone I'd like to retrieve. Only, the screen is inactive so I can't select either option. I need to somehow tell is to restart, or to bypass this screen altogether, only nothing seems to work (the same screen pops up after restarts). Not even the Orange+Sym+U trick works to get it into USB mode (how I'm kicking myself for not doing that before activating Pre 2!).

    After a lot of searching, I suspect I am SOL. But I figured it's not truly impossible until I came here and posted the problem, and had the PreCentral collective conclude I'm hosed.
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    Just wanted to complete the record for posterity:

    After continued searching, I came across Palm's page about developing for WebOS on an unactivated device (Developing on an Unactivated Device - Palm Developer Center). With Virtualbox and the SDK installed, I was able to boot the Pre into recovery mode (connect cord & install battery while volume 'up' is depressed) and then run the Devicetool jar to allow phone access without carrier or Palm account activation.

    Once it was in that state, Orange+Sym+U sent it into USB mode and I recovered what I needed.
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    Good info to know...thanks for posting the followup, I'm sure this will help others in the future.

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