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    My wife just got the Palm Pre Plus and is still using her Blackberry because she is told that she cant get her Corporate email on the Palm Pre Plus. I was wanting to know if there is a way to and if there is can someone help me set it up on her new Phone so she wont have to carry two Phones. $30 for each phone to connect to the internet will begin to be to much. And if that is the case I think that she may just have to settle with the Blackberry.
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    Yup there sure is. Do a Search of the posts and I am confident you will find instructions and info re: your situation.
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    it sill only be possible if they have been supporting windows mobile or iphone. The blackberry server wlnt alk to the pre. Have hr find out if either of those others are supported.
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    ok the thing is that it is a work email from a corporate company. just need to learn how to set it up on her fone because i keep having problems with it not wanting to connect
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    right. If you find one of thosse others you can look at their settings...
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    If others at the company have an iPhone that is setup to get mail then she can simply look at their settings and use those. Just write everything down heh.
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    i did that but i dont know what the root folder would be.. i put in the email address for the acct as it but it wont let me sign in to save the settings

    lol about the iphone thing cause she works at Verizon and that is the corporate email acct lol
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    is it an exchange email or BlackBerry Push? I suspect from the earlier entries that you are referring to Blackberry: BlackBerry Connect doesn't support WebOS (although it appears to support PalmOS!). I do use my WebOS phone with exchange, I don't know if they have to make any back-end changes to the server, but it appears to work fine with POP and Exchange with no problems.
    (ref: Blackberry Connect for Palm Pre - Palm Support Community)
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