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    The day before yesterday, I was at the park with my friends playing baseball. I happened to pull out my Palm Pre and started recording my friend pitching the ball. After 3minutes or 4 minutes gone by, we gathered around to replay the video and to my surprise, the video was choppy and slow. The audio is fine, but the video was just bad and unwatchable.

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong or if there's any way to fix this, but is it just me? I transferred the video onto my laptop and the video was still bad. It can't be my codecs or anything like that since I'm using klite codec pack with media player classic.
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    I've never had a bad, choppy video using my pre. Enable - Point - Shoot. Where you moving the phone a lot while recording? That seem odd...

    Maybe you should run a webos repair utility.
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    So I just uploaded the video onto youtube so I can show you guys, but it seems to be better when the video gets compressed by youtube. (can't post links with less than 10 posts)

    However, that's still not good quality though. And it's worse when it's not compressed.
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    You're right .. bad video. It reminds me of those live CNN reports via cell phone.
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    That happened to me a few times. Mostly when the video is over 3 minutes it starts to get all messed up. I have doctored several times since and haven't had any more issues. (knock on wood)
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    I mostly use the camera. Will 2.0 enhance camera functions. White balance, resolution adjustments and such?
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    Hopefully. If they would hurry up and release the camera API then simeone could make a app that allowed more options.
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    I have it also from time to time without any pattern. I recall having this problem on stock kernel and also uberkernel.

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    My first Pre+ and its replacement, did this. I just noticed it with my replacement Pre+ recently, which is clean and with no homebrew installed. It is kind of freaking annoying, especially when your recording something you can't record again, like a song at a concert! I also noticed on my pre+, if you get a text notification during recording a video, the app sometimes completely freezes and your video cuts off.

    I think receiving notifications/alerts might be the cause of this problem...
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    Yup..ive run into this issue multiple times:

    (after around the 30 second mark)

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    Same here. I tend to get them in batches. Two or three bad videos in a row, all of varying lengths, then the problem goes away. I have even had a couple where the video would play perfectly in the Pre, but if I offloaded it to the PC, it would show up as a 0kb file that was unplayable. Interestingly, though, I would then upload the same video to YouTube from the Pre, and it would play fine there.

    The camera is always glitchy on the Pre. Unfortunate, but there it is.

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