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    It seems like I'm the only one experiencing this issue. Don't know exactly when it happened, but all my bookmarks are gone and I cannot save new ones. I don't even get an error message when I save a bookmark, it's just not there when I try to access it. Please help.

    Carrier: Sprint
    WebOS: 1.4.5
    Kernel: 800mhz
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    No you're not the only one with this problem. Search forums for thread called "No bookmarks in browser".

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    follow up:
    here is a link to the thread I mentioned:

    please send a PM to HardBeatZ regarding this - the more people report this problem, the more likely they are to find a solution.

    Jim J.
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    Yours might be a different story... I believe if you log back into your palm profile they'll be visible again. Do a full erase, that should fix it. You may not get back the palm original bookmarks, but you'll be able to add your own.

    I hope that work for you.
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    Don't want to erase, would rather just live without the bookmarks.
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    Yeah, I don't want to lose all my messages by doing a full erase.
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    If you have internalz you can find all your msgs. At some point you'll either have to do a doctor, or a full erase. Certain problem can only be fix by either one. :-)
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    To back-up:

    Install Internalz from the Preware or WebOS Quick Install (you may have to perform a Luna restart to complete installation).
    Open Internalz.
    The SMS and call history database is located at /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3. In Internalz, navigate to this file (click on the “+” signs to open directories in Internalz, move back tapping the top entry in any directory).
    Copy PalmDatabase.db3 by tapping on the file and selecting Copy.
    Tap on the /media/internal in the “Copy to” scene and press select. /media/internal is the USB partition.
    From here you can store the backed-up file on your device and/or copy it to your computer as with any other file from the USB partition.
    Restoring works in reverse:

    NOTE: Due to potential differences in the structure of the PalmDatabase.db3 file under different versions of webOS, you should only back-up from and restore-to the same version of webOS.

    Install Internalz on your restored or new device.
    If not already in /media/internal, copy the backed-up PalmDatabase.db3 file from your computer to the phone’s USB partition.
    Open Internalz and navigate to /media/internal.
    Tap on PalmDatabase.db3 and select Copy.
    Copy the file to /var/luna/data.
    Perform a Luna restart for good measure.
    So there you have it, how to back up and restore your previous text messages and call history.

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