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    I am on vacation and my wall USB thing broke. So I go to a Sprint Store and they have no real Palm accessories and I had to buy a generic charger. When it is plugged in my phone seems possessed. It opens cards at random and won't let me swipe them away.

    Is this because it is a generic charger or if my phone's touch screen is going. It seems to work fine when I am not plugged into the wall.

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    get a palm charger. Less than 10 shipped from
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    well I am going to do that but as I said I'm on vacation and needed to charge my phone.
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    same thing happened me but i got the charger from pre central..i think its 'dirty' power in other words cheap electronic components

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    ok I was just trying to confirm my thought too.
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    Yeah i mentioned this in another forum. those cheap 2 dollar chargers aren't giving quite the right voltage. It will charge your phone but it will not work right when your using it while charging. It will bounce all around, launch apps, go haywire. Don't use it.
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    This cheap or generic charger that the Sprint Storefront sold me is what caused my phone problems. I get my 'new/refurbished' Pre today.

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