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    Hey everyone! I am a very pleased Pre owner (since launch, woo!), but I'm going to spending a semester abroad in Japan in about a week, and have rented an international sim card to put into an old Blackberry. However, data is very, very expensive, so I have it disabled for all but the most basic email tasks. My question is this-- if I were to put the Pre in airplane mode (or permanently disabled the radio until I wanted it back on, if possible; I'm on Sprint, by the way) and ONLY use wifi to connect to hotspots, would the phone ever try to connect to a roaming network or incur any charges? Would this be viable in order to use my phone just for wifi and apps that use it? Thanks!
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    No. Its my understanding airplane mode shuts off the data connection and your pre just acts as a smartphone without the phone capabilities.

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    Can't you just open the phone app and go into preferences and turn of "data usage". I turned off "data usage" on my Pre and wifi still worked.
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    hope this helps...
    I'm on sprint with a pre, and I've been in Japan for about a month now...i keep my pre in airplane mode with wifi on at all times and everything works just fine without any fees or anything...from my experience, when in airplane mode the 3g radio is completely shut off so you have no way of roaming onto any network.
    hope you have fun in japan...i sure love it here!
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    Airplane mode with WiFi set to on works great.
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    Great, thanks guys! Very helpful!

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