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    old pre: mine fell a couple feet.. Broke instantly.

    new one has been dropped many times worst was when my dog knocked it out of my hand. I tried to catch it and ended up slamming it down by mistake. I cringed! It worked and I sang!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    the pre and pixie are a lot tougher than what a small minority on this forum would have you believe!!!!
    true true,,could not have said it better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigape68 View Post
    Lack of emotional control leading to domestic violence. You should be discussing this with a counseler, not on a cell phone forum.
    I hear you man. My ex wife use to throw things at me. Learned my lesson. No place in a releationship for that stuff.
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    I dropped mine into a fire, have dropped it so many times and it keeps goin.
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    Had mine on my lap then stood and it fell to a wood floor. Took a pretty big chunk out of the side by the usb port. Since then I've dropped it a few times at work onto a concrete floor and just some light scratches. Still good
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    I bought the Seidio case with the audio clip on the top so I could protect my Pre. Also bought the nice blue skin that clips on the front and back so I could still use my touchstone.

    So, yeah... they both broke within a month. Pre's still fine. I've gone through a number of aftermarket beltclips, but none fit well and none are touchstone compatible.

    The Pre has gone up against asphalt parking lots and the floor of my car when launched off the dashboard clip. It's a tough phone for as cheap as it feels. I have one chip in the upper left corner of the top slider, just above the VOL UP.

    Worst fall... While working in our hosting facility, the Pre slid down the side of the cabinet (inside). I reached in to get it, but all the servers were in the way, with no cable management in place, so I couldn't slide them out easily. I used a grabber tool, and I almost had it before it slid down the hole where the network cables come up through the raised floor. Determined was I, so I started pulling up floor tiles until I got close to the cabinet in question and then used a broom to get it close to me. I could hear the concrete dust that it was scraping along (face down) as I pulled it within reach. Replaced the screen protector when I got home. It had earned its keep.
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    I lost mine off the roof of my HHR at 70MPH on the highway at midnight. I never saw it again, and I know it didn't survive, because I called it and it went straight to voicemail. There's some things even a pre in a hard case can't take.

    I got a replacement of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    your wife must be a wimp. If my wife hit me with my phone it wouldn't have bounced off my head. It would have penetrated my skull the way you see straw sticking into a telephone pole after a tornado.

    LOL werd, my wife could easily hurt me by throwing a Pre at my head.... thankfully she loves the phones too and would throw something else at me first.
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    I'm assuming the keyboard was closed? Because if not a simble bump could instead have been a decapitation...
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    Quote Originally Posted by morngkilr View Post
    didn't think the Pre was a robust phone; it just looks so fragile.
    My wife threw it at me in anger, it smashed on my head then crashed on the wall.... Still works perfectly. As a matter of fact, I'm using it right now to write this post. LOL
    Let me know if you've experienced something similar and you PRE still works fine.
    You should thank your lucky stars and consider yourself one lucky man to be married to such a sweet, considerate woman. Just think...she could have placed the Pre under her back tire and run it over a few times, then for good measure launch a few cans of soup at you...

    ...Needless to say, my Pre didn't survive...but I did...and I got a new Pre!!

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    Wow. I'm guessing some of you married guys have the same problem that I have. I can't put my Pre down. I could see how it might stir up some jealousy.
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