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    If anyone out there has had this done, what is your experience regarding the regular magnets versus the extra strength ones?
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    I ordered mine with the regular magnets and it still has a strong firm hold with the Touchstone. It takes a pretty good nudge to knock it off

    I use it mounted in my car as well and it has yet to fall off the Touchstone while driving, even over speedbumps and pot holes. So that shows that the hold is still very strong even after the mod.

    My biggest concern before purchasing was if the magnet strength would still hold strong, and I was surprised at how well it still holds.....hope this helps....
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    I got the mod done with the rare earth magnets option and the strength of the hold on the touchstone was very strong...stronger than the regular touchstone for sure. However I'm not sure I'd put my credit cards in the same pocket as the modded Seido back!
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    Thanks, all! I did get the rare earth magnet option.

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