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    It took a long while, but my Pre eventally started falling apart: oreo effect, battery cover gone even the front piece was pulling away from itself - this side of the slider. Not the front pulling away from the back, but the front was opening up and I was seeing components.

    I was patient and waiting for a new phone from Palm. I figured I could weather the storm. Then...

    It slide of my leg at my desk onto the carpet one morning. When I went to open it to text my step-daughter, it hung. I stopped short of opening all the way - covering the top row of letters.

    I had insurance, so I figured I could get this fixed. Sprint said, yeahhhh... no. Call Palm. Wha-?? ok...

    Palm said I was within my warrenty period, but it sounded like I abused the phone. I made it clear I babied my phone and it was not abused. They said they'd fix it for $100. Then I asked for a manager and told them I was a Palm device owner since the old Palm III days and I had almost ever device since then. My last phone was a Centro. They said, ok.. send it in, they'd wave the fee and take care of it.

    WHAT THE --?
    It came back untouched with a note it was abused and they wouldn't fix it.

    I called and went through the same rigamaroll and finally they said they'd fix it for $200... More managers later but finally they admitted they should have fixed it. (NOTE: I'm not be a jerk at anytime, claiming I'd stop buying their products, or yelling... just making my case).

    This time it arrived but the screen developed spiderweb-like CRACKS coming up from the base. I thought I'd get hassled the next time I called, but they were like, Oh yeah... that happens... we'll exchange it. They said they COULD do an in-mail exchange (send me one, then I'd send them mine), but that would require a $400 deposit. Whatever...

    I finally got my new phone. Mind you, they keep using FED-EX and requiring a signature. But since I work, I have to wait until 6:30 then drive back into town and pick it up at the dispatch office each time.

    Anyway, I sat down and called Sprint to activate it - didn't want to make any mistakes. BUT... after two hours on the phone Sprint tells me they believe the phone is defective. For the love of...

    Sprint said they'd send me a new phone... not FED-EX and wouldn't require a deposit. I was to send them my phone in the return box. She was supposed to charge $100+ but she said they'd wave that (I didn't have to say a word).
    Also, she would call me in a couple of days to be sure everything was working well.

    I'll give Palm points for WANTING to take care of my issue. I'd be happier if they offered me a Touchstone (or a secret Tablet device) for my trouble... but I have to say Sprint gets points for customer service, too.

    In the end... I'm still waiting for a working Palm Pre and using a toothpick powered (lost the stylus) Palm Centro in the meantime.
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    Wow, what a bad experience.

    Personally, I would have made Sprint fix it and not involved Palm. you can threaten to change carriers, etc.

    I'm curious about one thing. Did you LOSE the battery cover, or was it just unable to stay on the phone? That might be what made it seem "abused" if the cover was gone or broken...
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    No, that is another funny part of this story, though. Each time I was told to send it in, they told me to KEEP the cover, battery, etc... and only send in the phone.
    BUT I keep getting phones WITH covers on them. So, I have some extra backs now...

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