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    Been using the Voice On The Go app (VOTG) with my Pre and Jawbone ICON for a little over a week now and I thought I'd post my impressions so far because I did not find a VOTG thread in a search:

    *If you are in someone's mobile phone contact list when you call with VOTG, they get the same caller ID information as the normally do; I'm not sure what they see if you are not in their list or they are on a landline. I think they just get your phone number. However, when you send a text message, VOTG first lists the VOTG phone number and your phone number is secondary. There is a risk they won't notice who it's from, I suppose; they also won't get any photo you have linked to it etc.

    *Voicing prompts is frustrating. I suppose if you memorize all the prompts, it would be better; still, what seems like obvious prompts (when I guess them) often don't work. Not as intuitive as it should be, IMHO.

    *I don't have a need to listen to e-mails, so not much to say about it; however, I do wish it didn't default to e-mails when you first call in.

    ***One of the biggest issues is syncing Contacts and your Calendar***

    *The online Calendar sync is very buggy at this time, but VOTG says they're working on it. Right now, it must be manually synced (as do Contacts) every time you make a change on, for example, your Outlook or Google Calendar from a computer; in turn, VOTG event entries also won't be synced with your Google Calendar, for example, until you do it manually on your computer etc. The VOTG calendar also only holds the next 30 days of entries/events.
    WORKAROUND: Fortunately, you can say "Reminder" into the app and it will transcribe what you say and send you an e-mail you can use to remember to enter a task, note, or Calendar event manually.

    *The Contacts feature is buggy, too. I've had trouble with VOTG contacts not having all the data. For example, I tried to send someone an e-mail today and it told me there was no e-mail address listed, i.e., it had not been imported along with the phone numbers for some reason. As I mentioned, Contacts must be manually synced every time you change something about a contact (e.g., a new phone number) or add a new contact.

    Here's what VOTG support wrote in response to these issues:

    We have enquired with our platform and engineering teams about future enhancements and features. There will be automatic sync to enterprise outlook client emails, calendar, contacts and possibly tasks.
    Timeframe planned is first quarter 2011.
    *There's also the issues of recognizing names. Some uncommon names present a problem, but I don't know if this is unique to VOTG. Here's what VOTG support said on the issue:

    Sometimes special names are not recognized and needs to be spoken in a certain way for the system to recognize it. What I have found is to change the spelling of the first names of the person so that the system can recognize it or you can also try saying the last name only and the system will present all the names that match. Please try this and see if it works for you.
    So, anyway, I haven't really used it that much. There are definite advantages to not having to take your eyes off the road, of course.....BUT:

    I have my PRE tweaked out for maximum efficiency (as far as I can tell, anyway!). For example, I have the advanced launcher patches from Homebrew as well as the Launchpoint app from the regular app catalog. I don't remember who clued me in to this set up BUT IT"S AWESOME!!

    I can swipe up to a list of "Favorite" contact icons (and apps), touch one, and it will call automatically if I don't hit SMS or e-mail instead within 3 seconds (or however long I set the timer for). I can swipe to different launch pages with, say, "Client" contacts or different app pages in either direction (right or left). This is very fast and faster than calling VOTG. Plus, the call goes into my PRE call list instead of just a listing for the VOTG number.

    Granted, calling or sending a SMS or e-mail this way requires a brief look at my phone. Therefore, I only do so when there is no traffic around or at a stoplight plus, if I got rid of VOTG, I could have one number autodialed on my ICON by just pressing the ICON's button. (In the future, I may have my new Touchstone-in-the-car set up at eye level, too.) [Please, spare me any moralizing about how I should drive. Thank you.]

    If you refuse to look at your PRE even for a second while driving and/or you need/want to make lots of calls and send lots of messages while driving, then I would think VOTG is definitely worth a try if you have an ICON or other compatible Bluetooth earphone.

    So, I think I'll cancel my VOTG. Given my tweaks, I think my best bet would be to use what I've got and trust that the new WebOS phone we will get someday will have a killer voice dialing app fully integrated.

    Of course, if anyone is sold on VOTG and sees flaws in my review, I welcome the feedback.

    Hope that's helpful!
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    Great review and much appreciated – I am glad you posted it before I invested into VOTG. I think I will wait for the Microphone API’s and see what Palm developers come up with.
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    You welcome!

    I should have noted that there has been a price discount if you click through from the Jawbone ICON "MyTalk" web site ($2.99 a month). Just checked, and it looks like it is still available.
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    Excellent review! I use a BlueAnt 'V1' bluetooth headset which has excellent voice-command functionality and works great with my Pre. Sounds to me like VOTG has way too many problems to make it worth the cost.
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    Hey Mutz,
    If you have a minute, would you mind describing what you can do/how the V1 works? And what you paid for it? Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pre in MN View Post
    Hey Mutz,
    If you have a minute, would you mind describing what you can do/how the V1 works? And what you paid for it? Thanks!
    Here is a link to the BlueAnt site:

    V1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset - BlueAnt Wireless

    I've found the quality of the voice recognition technology in the V1 to be very good. It almost never makes any errors in understanding my voice commands. It also has a sensitivity adjustment to better improve its performance, if necessary. One of the things I particularly love about the V1, in addition to its other features, is that when an incoming call is received, I don't have to press any buttons at all to accept or reject the call. Upon intercepting a call, the V1 will automatically say to me, "Call from xxx-xxx-xxxx. Answer or Ignore?" to which I respond, "Answer" if I want to be connected to the call or "Ignore" to have it transferred to my voice-mail. It then acknowledges my command by saying either, "Call connected" or "Call ignored". And all of the V1's command prompts are an understandable human male voice, not a synthesized text-to-speech sort of sound. You'll hear what it actually sounds like in the short video on the V1 web page.

    Oh - forgot to mention the price. I think, if I recall correctly, I paid about $120.00
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