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    for the life of i cannot get the att palm pre + to go more than a day without having to charge the battery
    ps the device is 2 weeks old fully charged the phone befor ei even used it
    ive tried the following
    1. brightness all the way down
    2. turned off the 3g all together no data plan anyway
    3. i use wifi alot since im always near a wifi spot palm even says its recommended plus dont they say wifi turns off after you put the device to sleep?
    4. i do not leave apps running
    5. no email what so ever
    6. no heavy phone calls
    7. no gps
    only thing i really use is sms,preware, simple web browsing browsing from time to time nothing major at all

    but this little SOB still dies quick
    8 am to maybe 2 pm if im lucky 3 pm before i gotta recharge
    other night i had it fully charged 100 percent around midnight so i fell asleep and at 8 9am or so it was at 80 percent ..*** is this normal?

    anything i missed or something im doing wrong?

    dont get me wrong i love the phone whole experience is great but dam the battery isnt horrible its throw out the window material
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    Blame it on the battery manufacturer...
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    the default for wifi is to stay on when asleep. you need to change that setting to get that savings...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    the default for wifi is to stay on when asleep. you need to change that setting to get that savings...
    ohhh ok didnt know that thought it automatically turned off the wifi when you put the device to sleep hope that helps
    dam so pretty much means wifi has been running day and night lol

    will try
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    also, check the settings for your voice network. another thing that kills the battery is being bad coverage where it flips from roaming to home networks constantly. Many people change it to "roam only" or whatever makes sense for your situation...
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    okay thanks for all the help guys after changing the option to kill the wifi when the device sleeps and resume when awake it dramatically made a difference even turned 3g back on
    i fully charged it again to 100 percent at midnight with all the settings in effect and i got a 95 percent when i woke up huge 15 percent increase from the 80 % i was getting
    plus i see a big difference from avg use have yet to charge today from moderate use and im at 50 percent
    thanks for the help once again kinda sucks because i cant use it to its full power
    palm 1.4.5 fixes?

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