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    Since updating to 1.4.5(on Sprint) my Facebook's full site is not displaying correctly. I have many patches on my Pre, however, they have never affected the site prior to the update. Is anyone else having this issue or could it be related to a patch? If you have any insight please reply.
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    Nope I'm not have any issues
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    I have this same problem. Whenever I go to Welcome to Facebook, I get automatically redirected to - the touchscreen interface to facebook.
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    May have to put www in front of it.
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    as what trekker said..
    you can visit Login | Facebook
    but just a reminder, if you tap on "home" it will bring you back to the x.facebook version
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    There is the white screen issue as well....the news page is fine...however if you go to anybodys profile page or your own the profile feed is all white...

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