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    I've got the "terminal" app installed. This allows me to run a Linux shell which I frequently will open and run the Linux command "top".

    In the last couple of days (maybe since 1.4.5) I've noticed that my Java process will occasionally go nuts and consume all available CPU for several minutes. Usually happens when I haven't used it in a while, it's just idle in my pocket.

    I generally notice this because my Sprint Pre gets extra hot, sometimes even triggering temperature alerts. Without fail the "top" command has shown that it's Java.

    Killing the Java process didn't fix it, it just restarted and went right back to eating my CPU for lunch.

    Any ideas on how I can track down what is beating up my Java?

    Edit: oops probably should have posted this in the webos forum... not sure how to move it sorry.
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    Palm has said that Java is on its way out of webOS. Do you have any patches installed?
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    Yes, I have many patches installed. I was wondering if one of those could be causing my issue... was thinking about doctoring. But wanted to check the forums first.

    Uberkernel - screenstate 500/800
    4x4 icons v3
    add date - mm/dd
    add space between snooze and dismiss
    auto enable and disable gps for maps
    call duration in call log
    close slider to end regular phone calls only
    default to month view
    device temperature warnings
    disable led notifications for email
    faster card animations
    glass effect
    gps icon on top bar
    gps in device menus
    notification repeat
    ringer switch icon
    sms tone per contact (fails to upgrade to 1.4.5)
    timestamps clean
    unthrottle download manager
    video downloads

    It's always been in my pocket and idle when I notice it. So it should only be running at 500 at that point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosdl View Post
    Palm has said that Java is on its way out of webOS. Do you have any patches installed?

    While I understand the basic difference between javascript, and java, I've never codded in Java, And have only done the most basic javascript commands.

    I remember reading the blog about all the things that are going to be updated, one of them being going from Java, to Javascript, but have no Idea how much impact that will have.

    Will it make a huge speed difference? Avoid huge slowdowns? How much, and what kind of performance gain can we expect from that part of the update, or from the whole update total?
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    You don't want to kill the java process. It runs the phone, database, and email/contacts/calendar sync, etc. There's commands like "jps", "jthreads", and "jtop" with information about what's going on.
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    wait for palm to kill the JVM its coming soon, they are recoding the java code to C so it will mean faster better optimized and faster boot times less ram used for the OS

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