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    Hey all,

    My headphone jack has been acting up for the last couple of months. Like many have reported, it often gets stuck in headset mode and I'm (usually) able to follow the steps others have tried to bring it out. But on top of that, the headphone jack produces static and distortion when held at certain angles. I suspect that the jack itself is starting to come loose and needs servicing.

    I don't have a service plan with Sprint, but my phone is still under the 1 year warranty that comes with the Pre since I bought it in December.

    Have others gone through the warranty process? Were you able to bring it into Sprint for repair, or did you have to send it back to Palm and be without the phone for several days?

    Any other tips? I'll probably head to a Sprint store today to chat with them about it.
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    I did an online chat with Palm which diagnosed the problem as hardware-related and then set up an advance-exchange. I think I had to get on the phone with someone to confirm everything. It was relatively painless. If you don't opt for the $20 advance-exchange, it seems you will be without your handset for a couple of weeks.
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    I have had four warranty replacements and all were either done on the spot or within a day or two at the Sprint Store. None of them cost me anything.
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    I am on my 5th replacement. It has never been an issue.

    And just so you know...if you are near the end of your warranty your refurb is warrantied for 90 days should something happen after your original E year warranty is over.

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