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    I searched this topic and did find 1 thread related to it, but didn't find exactly what I was looking for.

    Anyways... I am in multiple fantasy sports leagues year-round at CBS Sports. I have had my Pre Plus for a few months and never bothered to access the site until recently. To put things short, I always get redirected to the CBS Sports Mobile site and the site is optimized for the BlackBerry browser. Navigating throughout the site on the Pre browser is not worth the time.

    Last year when I had a BlackBerry, the site worked fine because it was obviously suited for BlackBerry's. On the iPhone there is an app and also a separate mobile site optimized for it. I figured that the CBS Sports iPhone site would work, but it does not. The page opens without any problems in the Pre browser, but when I attempt to select the 'menu' link in the upper right corner of the screen, nothing happens - therefore the site is useless when it comes to accessing any of my teams.

    So, does anyone else here play fantasy sports on CBS? If so, is a better way to access the site with the Pre browser?

    Any help on this would be appreciated.
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    I seem to be able to access the fantasy site just fine. Can view history of the league and all sorts of other stuff. Can't check to see if I can set line up or trades and things yet. We don't draft till the 28th. Not sure what menu as I don't even see it. Then again it's not the mobile site either.

    Forgot that it's
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    How are you accessing the full site? When I type the CBS Sports URL in the browser it automatically takes me to the mobile site optimized for BlackBerry. Also, when I click the link to view the full site I get taken back to the poor mobile site after I click basically any link on the full site.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
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    Added the way to get there above. Try that and see if it works.
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    I tried the method above to access my baseball league (Haven't joined a football league just yet) by replacing football with baseball and I get the full site with a message saying that the league cannot be located. Could that be happening because the league name is common and possibly a name in multiple leagues?

    When I pull up the league home page from Firefox I see a long strand of numbers instead of the name.


    I'm going to try that.

    Edit: After I got the numbers from Firefox and put them in the Pre browser the league home page came up and the site functions like it does on Firefox. My only con is that the live scoring doesn't update automatically because it requires flash. For now I can live with that, it just makes me want flash for WebOS even more.

    Thank you for the help, the full site beats the BlackBerry mobile site for sure. A WebOS app would be nice, though.
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    If you scroll to the very bottom of the page,there should be a full website option. Other wise I usually do a search on google or yahoo.
    Tap on any one of the links and it'll direct you to the actual webpage.

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    I said this in another thread, but I'm SHOCKED and very irritated that they don't have a proper mobile site that works with a webkit browser.
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    I used to go to all the time, but I abandoned them because they don't have a site compatible with the Pre. I even sent them a message, and got no response. It's inexcusible for them to not have a site dedicated for mobile webkit browsers

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