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    I just got my replacement Pre to replace my original from last October about a month and a half ago. Only recently, since about the last week and 1.4.5, the keyboard has started behaving really erratically. But for some reason it's only acted up in the messaging app for me which leads me to believe it's software related. Anyway, it will start freezing up while I'm typing and all of a sudden un-freeze then whichever key I'm pressed down on will retype over and over again. (Kinda like thisssssssssssssssssssssssssss). I didn't think it'd be enough to warrant another replacement, but if it becomes a reoccurring thing and prominent enough I'm going to have to ask for one. I made this thread to see if anybody was experiencing this or has any fixes.
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    This happened to me also. I reset my phone and haven't seen it since. I think I'm going to doctor to 1.4.5 here soon so I can get a fresh start.
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    Ahhh I was hoping I wouldn't have to doctor or do an erase of any sort. I hate doing them because it takes forever to get my Pre right back where I like it.
  4. #4 happens to a lo of people. Including me. I think it's a bug.
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    Aren't you aware of save and restore. Check it out. Doctoring shouldn't be a problem. Read this:

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