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    I haven't looked into this much recently, but before the merger it seemed like every Pre 2.0 thread was asking for basically a slightly larger, more powerful Pixi. Most posters agreed that the candybar design was more robust, offered faster access to the keyboard, and was plain less annoying. All while being significantly lighter and thinner. Having a slider simply opens to phone up to problems, and forces users to buy AGF cases that make the phone even fatter. On the Pre it really feels like the mic and earpiece are too close, and the phone is too thick overall.

    I was wondering what the consensus is today.
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    some guy swapped out the wifi radios from a pixi+ to his pixi

    maybe we could swap out the processors?
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    I did buy a Pixi, but would love the next device to have the same specs as the next Pre. In fact I'd love to see four devices, all with the same specs. A vertical slider, candy bar w/ kb, horizontal slider and slab w/ onscreen keyboard. This would give differentiation without lessened specs in any device. It would also make webOS available to anyone regardless of preferred form factor.
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    I loved how the Pixi felt, but I don't think a device with a screen limited by sharing space with a keyboard is really going to make it this time around.

    Especially with the new way to type designed for touch screens, it's getting harder and harder to excuse a design which demands so much physical space 27/4 when you're only using it half the time, if that.

    Keyboards in general are falling out of favor, I just hope with the latest iteration of WebOS phones they take this into consideration, but it would be nice if there is at least a choice for a physical input for those who couldn't stand the change.
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    I originally bought a Pixi for my wife and a Pre for me. Returned the Pixi during the first 30 days. Mainly, I believe, due to 'screen envy'.
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    I love my PRE & like the form of the device. I do want it to be sturdier but love it anyway. I would like it to be more powerful & hold more with no more 'too many card' errors. PRE for me.
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    I'm a pre lover, the pixi screen is too small for me. Plus, I prefer my keyboard hidden..when not using.
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    As someone who has recently switched from a Pre to a Pixi+ I can honestly say I love both phones each for different reasons. I loved the Pre for the screen size and at the time of using it I felt I liked being able to hide the keyboard. At the same time I never loved the feel of the slider vs the sliders on other phones. It just felt weak to me. I liked the round'ish shape of the Pre. For the Pixi+ I am really liking not having to deal with the slider. I dont feel like I notice the screen size much but Im also on Verizon so I havent had the chance to play things like Need For Speed and Assassins Creed like I did on the Pre yet so I might notice the smaller screen when I do get to play those on the Pixi+. I also like the shape and feel of the Pixi+ and having the keyboard always there is nice. I think both phones have a gesture area that is larger than it needs. I like the feel of the Pixi+ keyboard much better than the keyboard on the Pre but I like the charger/usb door and battery cover on the Pre far better than the Pixi+. In the end I chose the Pixi+ over the Pre because of the keyboard and lack of slider but really it was a very close call.
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    I had to think a lot about which webOS device i was going to buy, having spent time with the now dated Palm Treo Pro, i thought that was the perfect form factor. slim, powerful, candybar shape, wifi switch, mute switch, and expandable memory. but the limited spec of the Pixi turned me away, since I enjoy games on my mobile.
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    I have the Pre plus and my daughter just got the pixi plus. She had the oppotunity to play with my pre a lot and prefers the keyboard to be always available for texting. I do like the pixi keyboard better than the pre. The pre top row of keys is just too close to the upper edge. If you do more texting the pixi is definitely better. I do very little and like the extra screen space of the pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sirenwails View Post
    some guy swapped out the wifi radios from a pixi+ to his pixi

    maybe we could swap out the processors?
    I am 100% sure that wouldn't work. Even if the Sprint pre has wifi I would have kept it. But it didn't (no mod at the time) so I switched to the Pre. When the next phones come out, I will probably get the Pixi.
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    I would MUCH rather have a Pixi-style phone than the slider. The Pre is my first slider and frankly, I'm tired of it. It's not weight-balanced very well and so the 'one handed use' that Palm is s big on is more difficult. I'd much rather have a Pixi style phone with the screen and power of a Pre. (Think Treo Pro size?)
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    If the Pixi had the same processor and screen size I would have bought that instead of the Pre.
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    Yes. Im with him. If the Pixi had the same specs as the Pre, i would have bought the Pixi instead. Originally, i was going to buy the Pixi. I like the form factor of the Pixi a lot more than the Pre. I was actually very nervous about the slider on the Pre before i bought it. I like the way the Pixi looks. Palm can expand the screen. I dont mind if its as big as the droid X with a physical keyboard.
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    Gotta have the big screen...with the big screen, however, you can't have an external keyboard w/o the device looking like a Siemens cordless from the back.....
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    I voted Pre, unless screen size is included in mentioned specs. Because I do find the Pixi“s screen a bit annoying. Other than I prefer the build/form factor, much more solid and less moving parts.
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    Pixi for stability of hardware. Pre for smaller size in pocket.

    It would come down to a gametime decision.
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    Sounds great too me. The Pixi is tiny so i'm sure it could grow a bit to house a bigger screen and a bigger battery.

    I bet Palm made a dozen space models for the next device to see how each feels in hand. Now they know a bit more about what really matters for webOS device they will come out with something great. I bet the Pixi form factor was pretty much set in stone before the Pre was even released.
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    I voted Pixi. I just have a preference for candy bar phones.

    If I could get a full screen phone the size of the Pixi with only an onscreen keyboard, that would be awesome.
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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    I dont mean to derail this thread but Is the Pixi Plus that much horribly slower than the Pre Plus?

    I was considering upgrading a family member from her old 5 year old phone to a pixi plus on at&T (free upgrade) and if the Pixi + is unusable due to its limited RAM and speed, I'll have to look else where.

    She wouldn't play any games nor be a power user for say. Mainly social networking apps and news apps, ap mobile, LA times, etc...Texting and email

    Any advice appreciated
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