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    Hi there, i have a palm pre cdma (sprint) in Mexico (iusacell).

    The volume keys stopped working, And I have removed

    Now it is impossible to put back, and without these volume keys I can not make it work.

    (Why is it necessary to bypass activation.
    Put the volume key and connect the usb cable, to load the room changed, and to the activation of the profile with wifi)

    Anyone know if I can get this spare?

    Thank you!
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    there is a patch to control volume on the touch screen.
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    there is a patch to put media volume in your top bar drop down menu on right side. In sounds & ringtones app, you can change system sounds and ringer volume. Not exactly what you are looking for, but may help some...
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    En mi pre, tampoco funcionan los botones de control de volumen, aunque le quedan dos meses de garantia no lo reparare. De momento uso un orograma gratuito llamado: Speakerphone. La otra opcion es via patch: volume control on top menu. Saludos
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    My pre is in this screen

    i need the volume keys to make the activation of the pre (bypass)
    These patches would be useful if the draft was already activated

    Thank you!

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