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    Hi, I've been looking through forums, and I can't seem to find my specific problem. Most people it has to do with the proximity sensor, or forced shutdowns due to faulty hardware.
    I believe it's related to CPU scaling, or that's the closest recreation of my particular problem I can find, but I'm not sure. About a month prior to these issues I began using the uberkernel with govnah.

    About three weeks ago my screen began to flare up and get really bright when I locked it or it went to a locked state, then it would fade out like a burned out lightbuld, and sometimes it would be black, but you could tell the backlight was still on, then that would eventually cut out.

    After this would occur, it'd be hard to get the phone out of the locked/sleep mode, it might take a few minutes. Eventually, the time it took to get out of this state became longer, the only way I knew my phone wasn't shutting off completely was that the ringer switch when flipped back and forth would still make my phone vibrate. It seems like the issue got worse and worse, I started having to soft reset to rectify the problem, but even then, that didn't work every time, so I'd have to do it multiple times.

    At this point I removed brightness unlinked, and the uberkernel, re-downloaded the palm default, feeling as if this should address the issue. However, it didn't fix it, and after a particularly bad bout I ended up having to webosdoctor it without the use of the screen (it didn't even show up in the forced usb mode). Even after webos doctor, the screen didn't come back on, it basically took several more hours, and one more try forcing it into USB mode. So I re-set up my phone, and the issue is still persisting. Warranty is up, so sans the overclocking, getting them to replace it is not an option as of now.

    So my question is, if doing webos doctor didn't fix this issue, is there something more I can do to address it? Full erase maybe? Does this sound like a CPU scaling issue, or something else? Has anyone else had a problem with the screen flaring?

    If anyone could help me, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Whatever it is, it sounds likely to be a hardware issue. There are some diagnostic tests you can run that might help you troubleshoot (see the menu in the Device Info app).

    Your best bet to get it fixed is to take it back to Sprint (or wherever) and get them to fix it. It will probably cost on the order of $125 and they'll replace it with a refurb.

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