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    I have asked in this forum and in the webos-internals IRC channel for a way to log my Pre on to an http proxy server. No one has an answer. I have decided to look for alternatives. Without the ability to connect to an http proxy server I cannot connect to the Internet. I am overseas with no cellular service. I did not plan to have cellular service but I did plan on having Internet. Is there another way to update to 1.4.5 WITHOUT DOCTORING MY PHONE? BTW, doctoring eventually requires a log in to my Palm profile, which I can't do without Internet. Can I somehow download the 1.4.5 update then apply it to my phone without messing up the programs I already have? Can I pay for and download software from the Palm catalog using my laptop then transfer it to my phone? What about sharing my laptop's Internet connection with my Pre (sort of backwards tethering)? Is that possible? Any help other than "your screwed" would be appreciated.
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    I don't have an answer, but I don't want you to think that you've been ignored. I can only think of two groups that would have the answer for you - either Sprint (or whoever you first bought the phone from) or Palm. Sorry that I'm not technically-savvy enough for you! Good luck -
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    Better subject would probably help a lot.

    You can't get WiFi anywhere?
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    maybe if you can find a firmware link to 1.4.5 then use webos quick install and add the firmware that could work look up how to manually install palm firm ware what kind of palm do you have ?
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    Bottom line....2 ways to update your phone to 1.4.5. (assuming it has been released for your carrier):

    1) OTA via celular network or WiFi

    2) Download the webOS doctor with your computer and then run that

    Unless your in a 3rd world country you should be able to find Wi-Fi somewhere I would think?
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    do you have a PC that can connect to the internet? You can share that connection in Windows. You can also get a wireless router that you connect to your PC and bridge to your phone. If you have an internet-connected PC, I will find a link to the router you can use.

    Ps, unless you plan to buy some PDK apps, do you really need to update to 1.4.5 if you are only there for a short while?
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    Wow, thanks for all of the responses. Yes, I am in a third world country. I will be here for another year. No, there are no other "authorized" wifi Internet choices. Just one. It requires http proxy login. I tried Connectify. I keep getting a "IP Configuration error" on my Pre. I have an ancient, but reliable, Gateway 7510gx with both Windows 7 and Linux Mint 9 (Ubuntu 10.04) installed. The Pre will not share wireless with either operating system.
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    Here is an guide to share from a linux box via BT. Not sure if there is a GUI interface or not that would do the same thing.

    Not the simplest but should give you the option you are looking for.

    Good luck

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