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    Greetings. I'll get to the point. I'm thinking about trying the Pre. I've had several different phones and there are pros and cons to each. BlackBerry is good for email, etc. Android is real popular now, but the last Android device I had (Samsung Moment) was unreliable and the battery life was horrible. I currently have a Touch Pro 2, but I don't really care for the OS. It's a nice unit, but seems to lag a lot and it's a little thick in the pocket. I'm not too technically inclined, so trying different themes and general customization on the TP2 seems a bit cumbersome.
    I've heard many good things regarding WebOs, but that the hardware is lacking. I guess the hardware issues is what has kept me from getting a Pre.
    I checked out this forum a little and you all seem to be a friendly, loyal group. I appreciate and look forward to your input.
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    If any of your local mobile stores have a Pre to try out, go there and try it out. That's the best way to determine if you'll like the user interface. The hardware boils down to these things:

    1) CPU/horsepower - you can determine if this is ok for you by trying it out

    2) Keyboard & the sliding mechanism - again, try it out and see if you like it.

    3) On-board storage (8GB for Pre, 16GB for Pre+). You'll have to determine what you'd like to store on your phone to see if this is enough for you

    4) RAM (256MB for Pre, 512MB for Pre+) - This is the biggest limitation for me on the original Pre (that and the 8GB on-board storage). The original Pre will be limited in the number of cards it can have open before you start getting "Too many cards" errors. And depending upon what apps you use, you may get that error when you have no cards open (memory leaks). My wife seems to get this more than I do. All she does is Web, Calendar, Email, and Messaging. Most of her time is spent on the web, so I can only imagine that certain web sites will cause the browser to leak memory.
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    If I HAD to get a phone today it would be either the Pre or Evo.
    I currently have a Pre and would not replace it with an Evo.

    If you liked the OS on your Moment, the Evo or the upcoming Epic should be fine.
    Just be aware of the Galaxy S GPS bug. My wife got a Moment last week, and gets the CDMA lockup bug multiple times per day. She's replacing it with an Intercept, which
    is reported by some to be getting Android 2.2 (Nice!)

    Sprint Confirms Froyo Upgrade for Samsung Intercept, Android 2.2 Update |

    I'm waiting for either a new WebOS 2.0 phone or an Android 3.x phone, hopefully this winter.
    If, when they come out, neither is appealing to me, I'm hoping for Verizon get an iPhone with a more attractive service plan than AT&T, but that's not very likely.

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    WebOS is a really great mobile OS and the Palm hardware has improved greatly from a year ago. Even if your not technically inclined, installing patches, over clocking and installing homebrew apps is completely simple now.

    There is some speculation and even more hope that HP will release new webOS hardware sometime between now and Dec 31st. So if you can wait a few months you might be able to pick up new hardware rather then the Pre, which while a perfectly good phone, is getting a bit long in the tooth as far as phones go these days.

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    WebOS is truly unique. It's a generation ahead of anything on the market. That said, the hardware and software are still "1.0" and needs a next-generation to mature and catch-up to Android/iOS on some of the basic missing features. Battery life on the Pre isn't going to be an improvement over the Moment and the UI is currently un-accelerated. The processor feels underpowered. However, homebrew and patch options can bandage a lot of that if your willing to tinker with it. Overclocking the Pre does wonder to almost all the performance woes.

    If you are really enamored by Palm/webOS, I would recommend waiting until the next release of hardware and webOS 2.0. The UI and webOS as a whole will improve in performance plus there'll be processors that are faster than the current (stable) overclocking options. The holiday season should bring the new webOS 2.0 and several Palm devices to choose from.

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