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    I have a damaged Palm Pre on Sprint. The touch screen is no longer functional. The ear piece went out before that. I am considering purchasing the Palm Pixi instead of paying, yet another $100 to replace the Pre (I had to pay once and got a free replacement as well, I am on my 3rd Pre!) But the Pixi doesn't have wi-fi. I have heard of adding wi-fi using a pixi plus, but can I add wi-fi using anything from my Palm Pre? Essentially, could a transfer any of the parts from a pre to a pixi?
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    My friend, anything is possible. Shoot, they put a man on the moon, right?

    :-) :-)
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    Nice! I just don't have Nasa's resources to help me upgrade a phone. I am looking for a fix to this pre dilemma! Help from anyone is greatly appreciated!
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    don't know if this helps but it might be a bit of a step in the right direction...
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    Sorry. The Pre/Pre Plus and Pixi/Pixi Plus have quite different hardware modules. With relatively minor surgery, the radio boards may be switched between Pres <em>or</em> Pixis, but not cross platform.
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    There's also a button for that too.

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