Hi, I just got my Palm Pre just to realize there is no way to configure an HTTP proxy such as the ones used in college campuses and some corporations. I spend most of my day in campus and the Palm is as good as useless without a Wi-Fi connection. I've seen a bunch of threads addressing this issue but there isn't a single one that offers a solution or workaround. Say for example I have a.pac configuration file, could this be inserted in the browser? Or in another case where can I establish the proxy address as in proxy.ccm.itesm.mx:8080 for example?

I'm guessing the best way to go would be to setup a proxy that transparently redirects webOS's browser. I get an idea this would require rooting of the Pre, Preware, webOS Quick Install and maybe an optware proxy. All this from what I gather from the different threads scattered around here.

The problem is I have little, but not enough knowledge of these topics. Could anyone once and for all give us a step-by-step guide to setting up a proxy, installation and configuration included??

I cannot stress how valuable this information would be to me and apparently to many others who have encountered such a problem.

P.S. Shame on Palm for neglecting this for so long and after various webOS updates.