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    So I just got a new Palm Pre Plus. While I like the phone, it keeps shutting down. I would slide it open, close it, open, close.. then it's off.. I have to reboot the whole phone.

    Or I would take it out of my pocket and it's turned off.

    Is there some crazy setting that I missed?
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    I would expect that when you take it out of you pocket that it would be turned off. However, if you can't turn it on the obvious answer that it has a hardware fault and that you should return it.
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    Maybe your battery is loose? I know some of the original Pre's had that problem and they had to stuff something where the battery was to tighten it up. I think Sprint ended up giving out the stuffers themselves when people would bring their phone in for repair.
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    The problem is usually because the phone is too sensitive to bumps. Give it a try, bump it a bit and see if it crashes. Probably related to the battery. Take the phone back and get a replacement, or sometimes they can quickly repair it.
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    classic case of loose battery. Get them to replace the battery, or wedge some paper to keep it tight.
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    Easiest way, without having to go to a Sprint store or call somebody. Fold up a piece of tissue to the size of the battery (two or 3 folds works fine) and place it underneath the battery, then put the battery over it. It worked on my original Gameboy, and on my Pre as well. I find that a problem this small isn't enough to complain to Sprint or Palm, and save the bigger issues for them (which come along all too often).
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    If the phone is new take it back and get a new battery or new phone. Simple. No need for a piece of a paper on a brand new phone.

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