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    The store in O'Fallon, Missouri has taken down the one on display and only keeps replacements or that's what they told me. I heard about the Verizon possible successor reading here today but what about Sprint?

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    I wouldn't be surprised seeing as it's over a year old and sales are pretty much nonexistant now
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    sprint will get another Palm phone.they are the only carrier that has didn't have a palm-free period between Centro and Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    I wouldn't be surprised seeing as it's over a year old and sales are pretty much nonexistant now
    They may sell a few more if they dropped the price a little bit. It was selling for 5x the price that the other carriers were selling it for.
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    both sprint and verizon are obviously getting ready for the next palm device inmy opinion.
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    Doesn't anyone think its strange that Sprint is currently the only carrier still supplying customers with the original pre. While it seems that all of the Euro carriers have switched to the pre plus. They are even giving customers who need replacement phones the pre plus (still talking euro). But sprint is currently the only one giving the original pre to customers. This along with them starting to remove display models from the stores tells me that the rumor about the Pre 2 maybe more likely for sprint and not so much verizon. also big red are dropping new phones every week now. so for the new pre to go there it would not do as well with them as it would with sprint. seeing as sprint only drop one big phone in the last couple of months (evo). But then again thats just my opinion.
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    I hope the store near me still has some. My USB dOor is broke and I'm now getting THE Crack (crack going across the screen)...

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    I agree with you. What verizon guys don't see is sprint has so many original pre owners waiting to use there upgrade on a new webos phone right now. They say it better come to verizon first or palm is stupid. That in my opinion is thinking with your heart and not your head. Verizon did the pre soooo wrong,tried to steer people away.
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    I am hoping that when it gets to sprint it will have a 4G radio. That's really the only thing missing from my pre now, in my opinion.
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    I didn't go for the Evo either. In fact it reminds me of a Pre with a big screen, (the very nice part) lousy battery life,(I've got a extended battery in the phone and a spare in my pocket.) and I just seem to prefer my Pre to any phone I've had up to this point in my life.

    I'm assuming if one comes out it will have the landscape slide out keyboard, a slightly smaller screen then the Evo but not much smaller. If they have their act together the new phone will have quick change batteries of at least two sizes for those of us who know we use our phones for just about everything. An extended case for the Touchstone would be nice to go with that extended, quick change battery. 4G would finish it off and I might not come back ever again for a new phone. It would be nice for Intuit to rewrite their credit card software to support the Bluetooth credit card reader. Seems very short sited to only allow keyed credit card entries guaranteeing you poor discount rates if you accept credit cards...


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