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    hi, so i was having an issue where the other half sends me a picture from his iphone and sometimes (not all the time) i get an error message saying components are not suitable for my terminal. i contacted att and was told that maybe palm sets a limit to mms smaller then what att allows which is 600kb, he thinks palm sets the limit as if it were a dumbphone at 300kbs, can anyone confirm this?

    I'm soooo FRUSTRATED.
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    I've never heard of any error messages referring to "components" not being "suitable" for a "terminal".

    What kind of limit are you asking about? Amount of data, rate of data, file size? Certainly there is no limit in general on how much data can be transferred to the phone. Pretty sure data rate is defined by the hardware and your carrier. Not sure if there is a file size limit, but if so it's definitely larger than 600 kb, I've transferred files much larger than that. Maybe certain applications have file size limits, if sms doesn't work, try emailing.
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