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    it's wednesday morning and you may be in school by now, but for future reference you might check out mode switcher. With that you can create a mode that wll turn on airplane mode AND silence ALL volumes. You can start the mode manually or you can trigger it by time of day or with the ringer switch or a number of other triggers. I wish you well in school.
    Mode Switcher is a killer app for this kind of situation. It also has a a trigger that will silence everything for your phone based on key words in your calendar. My phone is silenced (completely silenced) for everything on my calendar with the letters "meet". No more interruptions during my appointments.

    Because you can set triggers to make things happen automatically, even open and close apps, it makes life a lot easier and protects you from your own forgetfulness.
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    I was about to say why haven't nobody said mode switcher.. Just create a mode for school and set it for weekdays and time 7am til 3pm or how ever long your in school and have everything silence than you can still get text messages and look at precentral while you at school. If you need help I can help since I got a work mode that does the same thing.. Everyone needs a silence all mode
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