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    I've dropped my Pre one too many times, and the center button is steadily requiring more force to do its thing.

    Are there any home surgery options to fix this up? Did a search but all the info out there seems to be about the power button.
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    The center button is pretty much pointless since you can use the gesture area to enter card view but if you consider it important or use it a lot you could always go to Sprint to get it replaced
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    Yeah I haven't used the center button since.... well I accidental pushed it a month or so ago, surprised me too, forgot it was anything but decoration.
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    I make mine blink for email/messaging,but i never press it,no need.
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    I'm sure the repair would be pretty labor intensive. Just live w/o it like most people do.
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    this was one of the many hardware defects my first pre had and I took it to Sprint and received a new one several days later. Do you have the insurance?
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    If mine broke I would never know it.
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    I barely ever use it.
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    ditto. Never use it so wouldn't know if it works or not.
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    Good points. The only place I miss the center button is in the Web browser, because I don't want to go back in the history sometimes.

    I blush to admit I cleaned some cruft off around the center button and it works better (although not perfectly) now. :}
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    theres a center button??? lol me too blink only. gesture area is so smooth.

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