I tried searching but didn't see anybody else with this exact issue. The touchscreen on my Pre only responds for a few seconds after I wake the phone from sleeping. If I wait too long, it's like it shuts off the digitizer. The only thing I can do to use the touchscreen again is to put the phone to sleep with the power button, and then immediately awaken it. If I touch the screen immediately, it registers the click and if I keep on touching the screen continuously, the digitizer continues to work. But I pause for more than a second or so, it stops and I have to sleep/wake again.

a few weeks ago, the lowermost portion of the screen stopped responding, but the gesture area worked. Now my gesture area is not responsive ever. When I bought the phone back in June of '09 I got a hard case for it. One day I removed the case to pop the battery out and I noticed that there was a crack in the left upper corner of the screen and another one by the USB jack. The phone had NEVER been dropped at that point. Anyhow, that was about a year ago and the touchscreen worked fine up until a few weeks ago, so I'm not sure whether or not the cracks are related to the digitizer sleeping issue.

Anybody ever seen this before? Any ideas?