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    Anyone know of a clinic I can send him to?

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    You can try sending it to Betty Ford, maybe!!! (lol)
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    those pics remind me of a fresh prince of bel-air episode... The one carlton got caught stripping by his mom and he grabs his nipples and goes 'mommy' lol epic
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    It looks like it’s time for a Funeral Home not a Clinic.
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    It looks like it has mold? How did your phone get mold?
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    that'll buff out
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    Pre funerals are way to expensive. Don't get suckered in buying a wood coffin . . go for the plastic.

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    Like Bobby and Whitney Houston. (allegedly) lol.
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    I agree with Betty Ford in the desert. It looks wet and could stand to dry out. Maybe a 12 step program??
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    Well, it isn't my phone... I am working on it for a friend... He dropped it in a pool and that is just the latest in a long line of drops. The cool part is the phone still works, except for the screen. Got a new one on the way. I can connect it usb to my computer and it will pull it up. Actually in a funny turn of events, you can plug just the top half of the phone (sans the slider,radio,keyboard,etc) into the computer and it will pull it up. Now if only I could figure out how to connect the front half to something else.... it would be like robocop hmmm... lego technic robocop and I could have the face appear on the screen... now that would be some cool shiznit...
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    oh and by the way, it is either flour or rice. I told them if it ever got wet to take out the battery and put it in some rice. I sorta figured they would include the bag in the equation on their own. Well they didn't. I should offer to send it to palm and they can use it as proof the main board can take a licking...

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