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    My pre was working fine until I broke my lcd, I replaced it with a new one and it went pretty smooth. Everything was as it should except the phone was offline. I ported my number back to it from the Treo 800w I was using while I waited to get the lcd. when i tried to port the phone back to the Pre I could not enable the radio for the phone. I did the hard reset from the device settings menu, after the reset all i get is the blue screen that says that the device cannot be restored. I have attempted the webos doctor from several different PCs and also different webos versions every time it freezes at 56%. Whats up!?!?! Any other ideas I could try?
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    Take your time and read this page fully. There are a couple/three different things to try, so go through them slowly and see if any help.

    How To Recover - WebOS Internals

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