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    Got 4 months in and have a blown external speaker. I couldn't hear my ringer or notifications. Then tried to listen to voicemail on speaker and it's was distorted bad.

    So took it in to Verizon. Nothing in stock so they have to ship me a refurb. I live within 6 miles of 4 different Verizon stores, but Verizon rep said all stores were out of stock. She said I'm not getting brand new phone but "like new". Wonderful.

    Has anyone had a speaker fixed by Verizon or do they just send a refurb? I asked her to have tech look at it but she said it had to be replaced.
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    no,he said it sounded very distorted
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    Next time, before you send a device in, look through the "Tips" forum for many fixes to common problems. I have a feeling that yours may have been a simple stuck jack that was causing you to turn up the volume and make it sound distorted. A quick fix will take the device out of the stuck headphone issue and get you running.
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    True. My friend had the same problem, sent in his first pre for a "blown speaker", and when he was about to do it to his second one, that at least turned out to have been a stuck jack.

    I've never had my phone stick to headphone mode on me and neither have a lot of people - but it happens over and over again to others. Maybe an issue of how you store/carry your device.

    Next time your speaker stops working, check out any post about how to get out of headset mode; sending it in is overkill in such a scenario, more likely than not.
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    Ok I still have this phone as I don't send it back until I receive my refurb. I am trying the methods in the "Tips" forum but the external speaker is still crackling and distorted. I thought being stuck in headset mode affected the regular earpiece speaker. This is the external speaker on the back that's sounds blown on mine.

    I've not used a headset other than when I first got the phone 4 months ago. Maybe twice. Any way I'll keep trying see if it works.

    Thanks for the help I appreciate it.

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