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    AT&T will not give me the unlock code for the Pre. What have others done to get them to give it up?

    I tried the usual that I'm going out of town etc....
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    What exactly is the issue you're having? You barely described it.

    I have AT&T, and have always had a good experience with them. Depending, if AT&T cannot fix it, consider getting online with palm and talk with them. They've always been splendid.
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    just trying to unlock my att palm pre because my buddy wants to buy it for tmobile but att wont give well better yet there saying the palm pre plus is exclusive to att for 10 months etc and they wont or cant give me the unlock code really dont wanna spend 30$ to unlock this thing
    also called palm and they said they wont help because its att deal not palms
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    How's about $18.95?

    Unlock Code for AT&T Cingular Palm Pre Plus ATT - eBay (item 170489605833 end time Aug-19-10 21:22:14 PDT)

    I got my unlock code from eBay, for $19.99. Worked like a charm - I cant tell you if this is reputable or not, but, it might be your cheapest option.
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    I have been trying to get an unlock code for a Pixi and been getting the same answer from AT&T...been trying to work with Palm to see if there is anythign they can do, but AT&T says that they have an exclusivity deal with Palm and can't give out any unlock codes before Dec 31. sucks, huh?
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    yeah this sucks grrrrr
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    $9.99 here :

    I have used them plenty of times. Never took more than 24 hours.

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